Spiritual Life Coaching deals with the roots and core of a person’s being. It is like tending the roots that uphold and sustain even the largest tree, through all seasons and in all circumstances. Just as healthy growing roots are imperative for a fruitful tree, a powerful well-balanced core leads to a successful and meaningful life!

Fruitful Spiritual Life Coaching permeates and augments every aspect of life - Career Success, Marriage, Singleness, Parenting, Ministry, and Living through anything and everything! So who is an ideal candidate for Spiritual Life Coaching - Anyone with a Spirit who desires growth...You!

  • What does your core feel and look like currently?
  • Are you in touch with it?

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Cinque Terre

About Me


I’m Marilynn Nkwonta and I am a Certified Life Coach, with a specific focus on Spiritual Life Coaching - A much-needed tool for the personal mastery of the core of every individual’s BEING.

While I have studied and tried my hands at different things, some successful and some not so successful, true joy, peace, and fulfillment came to me when I discovered who and what I am and my life’s mission.

​7W building blocks


I AM​ a child of God, fearfully and wonderfully made for such a time as this.


I AM​ a lighthouse set on a hill, a light to others, a sign pointing others to their True North.


I CAME FROM​ my Heavenly Father, a gift to the people of my time in this world.


I BELONG​ in His service, using my talents and resources for His specific agenda


I AM HERE​ to serve in such times as these we find ourselves in today


I EXIST FOR​ all those who determine in their hearts to live an authentic, deeper, richer, and meaningful life through daily discernment and fulfillment of purpose.


I MUST​ help others see themselves and their world clearly, so they may know and choose THE BETTER PORTION.

I am truly happiest when I am privileged to witness courageous and committed people transform into the truest and best version of who they were created to be.

Everyone… ​Everyone​ exists today and for the rest of their lives for a reason

Do you have the answers for your 7Ws?

Need help discerning and/or growing in them? Get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.

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